⭐【🇧🇩孟加拉社會企業海外見習】 Day 3 ⭐
Bangladesh Social Business Internship Visit-Day 3

📌2020年2月4日(二) – 格萊珉銀行Sadipur村莊中心與分行辦公室
Feb. 4th- Centre & Branch Office of Grameen Bank in Sadipur

The third day in Bangladesh, we headed to village visiting borrower of Grameen Bank. Through interviewing and observing, we found out the operation mode between borrowers and branch offices, heard the most authentic stories and saw how Graeme bank has improved the lives of the poor step by step.

It took us 2 hours to get to village Sadipur 🚐. The First stop is the “Centre” of Grameen Bank, which is responsible for local loan. Each borrowing group consists of 5 to 10 people and each “Centre” manages 8 to 10 groups. They have a meeting once a week, mainly for debits and credits services. Besides, they need to control the loan repayment progress of borrowers. This morning is their gathering, so we tried to interview them in person.

The most impressive borrower interviewed today is Ms. Agoda. Before joining Grameen Bank, as hard as she worked to maintain her four-people family by the little amount of money she earned, two of her daughters still died of malnutrition.😢 That was when she started to borrow money from Grameen Bank. The first time she borrowed BDT$2,000 (about USD $24) to start her agriculture business. Until later on when her credit gave her the opportunity to borrow BDT$300,000 (USD$360), the money helped her increase her business. The money that Grameen Bank lends is like an oasis to the underprivileged people. It changes their lives dramatically, and there are people with similar stories everywhere in Bangladesh.

Another forty-year-old woman called Hamida joined Grameen bank twelve years ago, borrowing BDT$5,000 (USD$60) to grow some crops in the beginning. With every borrowing and paying back, Hamida soon had a better income. She invited us to visit her room and showcased the bed, the closet and the television which were bought with loan. Being compared with the life in the past, her life right now has greatly improved.

Women in Bangladesh often get married at young ages. Take Hamida for example, she is forty years old now but she has a twenty-two-year-old daughter and a three-year-old granddaughter. The social status of women in Bangladesh is mainly in the underprivileged situation. This is why the target customers of Grameen are always women because that can not only eliminate poverty but also make them more independent.

Next, we went to a small tin house. The couple inside was spinning and weaving. One piece of the fabric could be sold at the price of BDT$3,000-4,000 (USD$45). The fabric is gorgeous. And the hard-working people here made this weaving process more fascinating. We were fortunate enough to observe this.

第二站,來到格萊珉的「分行」(Branch office),每一個「分行」管理約8~10個「中心」,也就是格萊珉銀行的第二層組織,主要是管理各地區「中心」收來的帳款,分行的負責人Nasir提到他十分熱衷於在格萊珉銀行的工作,雖然離鄉背井來到鄉村工作,但十分享受與借款人的交流,幫助他們脫離貧窮,改善生活,創造自己工作的價值。
“Branch Office” of Grameen Bank is our second stop. Each “Branch” is responsible for 8 to 10 Center; that is, it is the second level of Grameen Bank. A Branch Office mainly manages the Account Receivables from different Centres. The manager of this Branch Office, Nasir, mentioned that he loves his job in Grameen Bank. Though he is far away from his hometown and chose to work in village, he really enjoys interacting with borrowers. He helps borrowers get out of poverty and improve their life. Moreover, he found out his own value in this job.

Today’s visit to village confirms the fascination and success of Grameen Bank. Borrowers are out of poverty through micro-loans. Tomorrow, we will visit the next village to discover more stories!


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