Vision and Mission

The vision of YSBC at NCU is to be a recognized international hub for education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship in social business. Our mission is to be a catalyst for Taiwan’s social business ecosystem, including social businesses, NPOs, communities, government, investors, incubators, and academics, through the excellence in research, training and mentoring, advocacy, and collaboration. The YSBC at NCU is an academic organization of Professor Yunus’s social business network. The relationships among the YSBC at NCU, Professor Yunus’s social business network, and the entities of the social business system are illustrated in the following figure. We are the bridge among the faculty members and students of NCU and the entities of the social business ecosystem. The YSBC at NCU is under the School of Management, which is an AACSB-accredited business school. Currently, the YSBC works together with the Department of Business Administration, Department of Information Management, Department of Economics, Department of Finance, and the ERP and Big Data Center to support the operations of the Student Teams for Service Learning Project on Social Business, the Student Teams for Creative Entrepreneurship on Social Business, and the Student Club for Social Business at NCU.