Group 2
Group Member 李o嘉、吳o瑄、曾o暄、陳o瑄、簡o融、陳o妤
Group Name 麵包超人
Overview BOSKÉ bakery shop has lost the proportion between sales income and costs, and due to the shortened shop hours starting from this year, we assume that the sales income would decline even more. According to the last year’s business report, the most deals took place during afternoon; therefore, we are convinced that the afternoon tea sets have a great potential.

The activities we plan to do is inclusive of designing polls for market research, designing advertisement for plane medium, the proper marketing method for the activities and the special events in corporate with Mother’s Day.

How we do The main service we offer BOSKÉ is developing new afternoon tea sets. We make use of the 4P from marketing as well as the analysis of our polls. Using SAS Enterprise Guide as our tool, we focus on t- test, one-way ANOVA, and study the results of our data. We give advice to the BOSKÉ bakery as we design the poll in basis of the problem BOSKÉ is facing and also including what we have learned during our college lives, trying our best to provide BOSKÉ with the best advice.
Effect First of all, we collect all the polls and provide BOSKÉ with the statistics analysis as the reference of the future products and marketing. We could tell from the result that some of our products are not as popular as others among customers; meanwhile, BOSKÉ does not own high popularity and fame yet.

Second, we can tell from the effects of the marketing projects that the sales income has increased by 19% during the activity which is a lot higher than our goal while the afternoon tea sets did not work as well as we expected.

Social Effect In order to convey the core concept of BOSKÉ to the society – “every physical- challenged has his own value”, we publicize the idea and hope that the society could change their stereotypes toward the physical-challenged. We hope everyone could perceive that they are capable of contributing to the society regardless of their disability and believe in their ability.

The charity facility BOSKÉ is working with is the Qi Zhi Vocational Training Center. BOSKÉ teaches the members from the center to make bread and offer them a chance to have a job; in the meantime, BOSKÉ could be the platform where society sees how hard they are to earn a living. Our group wants to pass on a message that the bread BOSKÉ make is a natural and healthy food for everyone; thus brings the customers the most original taste of bread as well as physical and mental satisfaction.

Technology In the technological aspect, we use software such as Photoshop, Painter, and PhotoCap to design the flyers and menus. We also make advertisement for the shop information and the activities via Facebook, the most popular social media so far, and send out polls through internet as well. To make the analysis more precise, we choose SAS Enterprise Guide as the system for gathering and calculating the results of all our polls in order to know the market trends.