Group 5
Group Member 吳o芸、吳o臻、邱o昇、倪o云、袁o晴、楊o永
Group Name 輪芽新視野
Service Target The purpose of the establishment of Spinal Cord Injury Potential Development Center is to help spinal cord injured people return to society.
Motivation and purpose Taiwanese generally lack of knowledge of spinal cord injury. We want to enhance the center’s visibility through the social network or other ways so that more people will know about spinal cord injury.
Content (1) Change Facebook profile picture for love sharing: We design a Facebook profile picture for people to change their Facebook profile picture. It means homo erectus and people who are in wheelchairs can build a bridge of love that respect and care each other. We hope this activity can make people who are in wheelchairs and still in mourning, can see social support for them. At present, about two hundred people in response to this activity.

(2) 1+1>2 love sharing activity: Now until 5/31, people who donates a thousand dollars or above can get one hope doll handmade by people who in wheelchairs. At the same time, we’ll donation another hope doll to the orphanage cooperating with us. We hope that we can share our love to orphanages through this activity, and also make people who are in wheelchairs transfer from people in need to people who help others.

(3) Campus stall: There are many families come to our school’s lawn for picnics during the holiday. Therefore, we set up a stall in school’s lawn and promoted the 1+1>2 love sharing activity. When people took pictures with our handmade Facebook profile frame, which means they supported people who are in wheelchairs, and then they can get a balloon. We also gave flyers and asked people to fill out the questionnaires.

(4) Trip from Zhongli to Taipei: To expand the source of donation aside from Taoyuan, we departed National Central University for Taipei. We propagated 1+1>2 love sharing activity, gave flyers and let people fill out the questionnaires. We also encouraged people to take a picture with our handmade Facebook profile frame, which means they support people who are in wheelchairs.

(5) A day in a wheelchair: To experience the daily life of people who are in wheelchairs, we tried to sit in a wheelchair all day in school. We recorded the process that we went out, dined, attended class and went back to the dormitory. We want to know about the inconvenience in wheelchairs and how people look at us.

Innovativeness and Professional of Service First of all, we spend a lot of time thinking a method to design our activities. We realize that changing passive behaviors into interactive may make people who engage the activities join with more stress.

It is of general consensus that people feel strange, unfriendly, as well as negative when they face affairs they are not familiar with. We believe that the notice related to the issue of people who have a huge hurt on their spire, will be elevated by means of creating three steps.

Touching, understanding, sharing:
Each steps will be achieved by the activities we hold. Furthermore, we advocate that people can borrow a wheelchair and then try to be a physical challenged people a day. After doing that, we hope people have different vision in this issue.
Secondly, we use some of new standards to evaluate our events. There are influence, execution, interaction, community, and participation.

Social Influence You never notice Spinal cord injury until it happens to you. According to our research and own experiences, the related issues to Spinal cord injury are not being taken seriously in our country. This conclusion comes from the unfriendly Barrier Free Environment and the general public not familiar with Spinal cord injury.

Never will you know that a spinal cord injury (SCI) is damage to the spinal cord that causes changes in its function, either temporary or permanent. These changes translate into loss of muscle function, sensation, or autonomic function in parts of the body served by the spinal cord below the level of the lesion. You will also be surprised that the average age of spinal cord injury in Taiwan is only 27 years-old. 56% person were injured resulting in traffic accidents.

After the understanding of spinal cord injury, we sincerely hope to raise the awareness of Spinal cord injury. Make a much more beautiful environment to the Spinal cord injured people. In order to let more people know the Spinal cord injury, we accessed to the general public through activities like “trip from Zhongli to Taipei” and “Campus stall” to teach related knowledge to passersby and families. Finally, we successfully caught notice by “a day in a wheelchair” in our campus.

Because the injured friends are very young and most of them got injured in traffic accidents, so we especially focus attention on traffic safety by the popular social media-Facebook. Through “Change Facebook profile photo for supporting the spinal cord injured people “,we want to alert our friends and classmates to cherish their lives and let them know Spinal cord injury at the same time.

At last, we help the people with Spinal cord injury build confidence with role change from receiving love to giving love. We become the intermediary to contact a preschool in Zhongli and let the association to send the homemade sheep dolls to children. Not only did we make the children happy but we also have positive impact to those spinal cord injured people.

Participation and team spirit of our team members After each panel discussion, we would have a division of labor in order to improve efficiency. When there was a project which needed creative thinking, we would do it separately and then chose the best program by voting, such as stickers or poster design. In addition to regular group meetings, we also discussed with each other at any time. Each member cared a lot for everyone’s progress and helped each other.

Everyone in our team did our utmost in this project, and our team’s spirit is that we always help, encourage each other, and never give up.