Group 1
Group Member 陳o心、 陳o霖、 蘇o怡、 蘇o烜
Group Name Herbalive
Service Target Qi Zhi Vocational Training Center  (VTCIDD)
Time/Place Our service starts from October 2015 to June 2016. Yang-Mei Garden, the planting and service place, is located in Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City. Our stalling and selling place is also around Zhongli Dist. Besides, we do marketing and promoting throughthe internet.
Content To improve the original herbal tea product in VTCIDD, first, we inquire of  the herbal expert, Tzu-Hsiung Yu, to give us professional advices. Second, we set up the questionnaire to conduct the marketing research and then develop the new customers. We also arrange the whole procedure including product redesign, manufacturer contact and material negotiate for making a brand-new product for the center. Moreover, after the product output, we build a brand and a website for our product. Additionally, we film a promotional documentary short video and make sales planning which provide a new sales channel and choice for the center.
Innovativeness and Professional of Service Website building, using QR Code on the product package which will connect to our product page including our brand story and we use video to show how the inmates finish the product the process of interviewing with them. Properly used our digital marketing knowledge we learn from school, we promote the Herbal Tea to new customers which make it more well-known. About professional skill, we use computer graphic to output the new package design with extremely high texture. Besides, we use Premier to produce the high quality video.
Contribution and Effect of Service We redesign the package to find out the manufacturer which has the most economic efficiency for us and leave the channel and design draft for center’s sustainable using. By using the new package, the revenue of herbal tea increases from $73 to $171 per box, which grows about 234%. About digital marketing, we build a fan page on Facebook and a wix website. The fan amount even reach 200 people in a day which is increasing stably, besides, the clicking of the promoting video gets 776 views . We have very high request to the quality of the released item in digital marketing, hoping every post for the new product can reach the goal we initially planned, so that can force Yang-Mei Herbal Tea to become a higher-quality product.
Social Influence Compared to the original product which target customers are higher-aged people such as inmates’ family and volunteers, after analyzing the customer group, we emphasize on inputting the concept of social enterprise to young group, so we use digital marketing and the selling place is located in our campus. Therefore, we can use a better way to appeal younger customers by internet, and the Small-Card Exchange activity at our stall also gets a tremendous response. The young customers are not necessary to purchase our product; they still can share our idea. Moreover, they can convey this warm thought to people around them.
Technology Application  Website building: Use the wix frame to make the advertising and marketing website.

 Qrcode product story marketing: Use the popular
technology:QRcode to connect the remade Herbal Tea website.
 Web page remade: Use Html, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS to redesign the Herbal Tea web page.
 Digital Marketing Strategy
 Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Premier