Group 3
Group Member 陳o婷、劉o佳、曾o頎、蔡o志、古o翰
Group Name NCU GO Green
Abstract Our project’s topic name is “NCU Go Green”. The main service object is “New Life Information Services Co., Ltd.”. This project execution time started from March, 2016 to June, 2016 and we set the market position in National Central University. The main purpose of the project focused on arousing the concept of “social enterprise” and the usage of regenerative toner cartridge so as to help NLIS establish the recycling points as well as the opportunity to sell at the campus.Our marketing strategy is focus on educational advocacy. It’ s because we believe that the students in NCU should not only devote their minds to their schoolwork but also pay attention to the social issues, such like the concerning for the weak and the environmental protection. According to our position, we divided our customer base into two groups, the students and the staff. Depending on the different target groups, we have dissimilar ways of marketing.

In terms of the students, we focused on using educational advocacy to let them know recycling toner cartridge is important. First, we set up the fan page to spread our activity, the related knowledge of environmental protection, and the most important, the toner cartridge recycling. Second, in response to Earth Day, we conducted a series of activities. Live a green life is the first activity on our fan page. Students participates this activity by sharing their eco-behavior. Apart from live a green life, we rent a space to hold our campus activity in the snack corner. People in NCU can join us by answering the questionnaire that there are 5 questions about environmental protection and toner cartridge on it. How can we attract them to join us? We induce them take part in our activity by sweepstake.

And, in terms of the staff, we advocate NLIS’s concept in order to tell the staff how to support the spinal cord injuries. The revenue of this project is mainly used as a specialist fund for the injuries. We hope we can promote the opportunity to sell the regenerative toner cartridge.

And talk about our contribution. First, we become the bridges between NCU and NLIS to let people in NCU can understand the concept of the social enterprise, and to let NLIS understand the market condition, such that how many students or student’s relatives use toner cartridge in their home. Second, we make the students know how seriously the toner cartridge can pollute the world by contact with them directly. And finally, we visited the staff to let them know that support NLIS through purchasing the regeneration toner cartridge not only can save money but also to provide the specialist funds for spinal cord injuries. Supporting NLIF achieves both welfare and environmental protection.

It is a pity that the collective point is still only at the Yunus Social Business Center. We didn’t establish the toner cartridge collective point at school because there is no possibility to set up the points at the other faculties. Depending on the instant service provided by the original vendors, NLIS does not have an advantage to get that business in NCU. But we still hope we can help NLIS to promote their philosophy in the campus.