Group 6
Group Member 業o良、 吳o諾、 陳o文
Group Name Streaming Convergence
Abstract Our project is to improve visibility of NPO in enterprises and expand enterprises’ willing to build accessible workplaces.
The topic of our team is “expansion of enterprise alliance.” We have worked with the Spinal Cord Injury Foundation, searching for more people to participation in charitable running event and holding a sale of goods for charity. However, we figure it out there are already some fixed interaction between normal companies and charity so it would be difficult for us to try something innovation.
First and foremost, our first proposal, “The Alliance of Friendly Enterprise”, an alliance tries to improve the working environment of the physical disability. Secondary, “The Friendly Café”, which is a proposal that we attempt to work with café store to let the hold and activity to let customer can acquire more dishes by adding more payment, and the additional income would donate to the disable. Last but not least, wo hold a lecture to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) to students of NCU. This activity combines three different groups, the Spinal Cord Injury Foundation and students of NCU. (The time limitation is our main difficulty. To successfully hold the lecture in three months is a big quest for us.) In this lecture ,aka PwC workshop, we invited a lecturer of PwC to come to our school to promote the concept of CSR to students; meanwhile, wo could introduce the foundation that we have worked with to students, so students can be informed the concept of CSR and the foundation’s philosophy.
The social influence of our activities is focused on education. By the PwC’s lecture, wo let more students to know what CSR is; in the future, when they step into society, with the concept of CSR, they will do more effort to have feedback to society.
Through promoting the proposal of the Alliance of The Enterprise, we will let more companies to be awarded of the difficulty the disable will face at work; therefore, there will be an improvement to the disables’ working condition.
The proposal of the disable more simple step back to normal life.
To different activities, we try to make NPO, SE, and CSR achieve the common understanding. At first, we planned to make enterprises’ willing of providing accessible workplace, so we communicate with our teacher and executives. After understanding what the NPO need, we make the program of expanding accessible workplace and job-opening in enterprises. Second, we contacted restaurants to ask their opinions about charitable marketing, and around 30% restaurants applied us positive responses. Three café and restaurants are willing to enter our charitable marketing project and cooperate with the NPO. But it must take around 1 to 2 years that the following enterprises accept procedures of the charitable project. At last, we invited Pwc in Taiwan, an famous accounting company, to hold the CSR workshop in NCU. The prospect effect is that we will attract students from different departments to engage our workshop. We can promote new ideas about the combination of CSR and NPO.