Group 4
Group Member 夏o語、侯o紋、陳o梅、廖o婷、簡o翰
Group Name BOSK’E coffee bakery: High performance product marketing team
Main Customer BOSK’E coffee bakery
Time/Place Time: 2016 March to May
Place: NCU and BOSK’E shop
Services 1. Flyer design: Use flyers to convey core value of high performance to potential customers.

2. Questionnaires: To acknowledge the visibility of high performance products, evaluate potential communications to increase the effects, and examine the target and real customers are the same group.

3. BOSK’E Facebook Page: We hope that the number of Facebook Page Likes can increase by well-planned social media management strategies. We also want to have more interaction with Facebook user on Facebook Page to elevate the degree of adhesion. We hope the Facebook Page reach rate would be higher when new products or activities information are released, so BOSK’E News can spread sooner in the future, and feedback on both popularity and sales volume of BOSK’E.

4. Picnic Day: We hosted the stall activity for high performance life concept, mainly aimed at middle class with high health awareness. We expected to maxima utility and enhance the awareness of BOSK’E because we accurately captured the target customer.

5. Creative street campaign:We held activity near the shop with handmade Gashapon to attract customers, and gave away flyers to promote BOSK’E high performance products.

6. Filming the process of making sourdough bread: We made a video in the factory and traded the manufacture. It shows that their ingredients are natural and don’t add any artificial condiment. Also, it confirms to customers that natural food isn’t a slogan.

Innovativeness and Professional of Service Innovation

1. Picnic Day: Uncontroversial and creative stall.

2. Online pre-order: The activity increased the awareness of Picnic Day and let BOSK’E factories as well as consumers more convenient.

3. QR-code: A shortcut to “About BOSK’E.”

4. Quiz challenge for high performance indices: We use exquisite billboards and quiz challenge to facilitate interaction with consumers.

5. Gashapon machines: The hand-made innovative Gashapon machines surprised and attracted consumers’ attention.


1. Market segmentation theory: Identify targeted customers of high performance products.

2. Social media marketing: Through digital media, interact with customers to increase adhesion.

3. Consumer psychology: Analyzing and understanding motivation and demand of consumers.

4. Questionnaire and analysis: To collect how BOSK’E’s customers receive the information of high performance products, and opinion and valuation on products and communication.

5. Graphical design: Design the creative publicity works which is required by activity. Making the concept convey to consumers in icon.

Contribution and Effect of Service 1.Designed online questionnaire for potential customers, and paper questionnaire for regular customers.

2. Participated in BOSK’E’s stall activity at RT-Mart.

3. Held Picnic day in the National Central University.

4. Gave suggestions and design contents of BOSK’E’s Facebook page.

Social Influence 1. Construct friendly social atmosphere

2. Raise health awareness and popularize health knowledge among people.

Technology Application 1.QR-code

2. Social Media

3. Internet pre-order

4. Online questionnaire

5. Questionnaire on tablet

6. Statistical analysis software

7. Movie clips