Group 7
Group Member 蕭o勝、潘o寧、孫o實
Group Name Charitable Trust U
Abstract Charitable Trust, which is set for charitable purposes, hoping the ways of peer to peer will help people in need more directly.
Spinal Cord injury foundation was established in 2012. The reason of establishment is because more than 65,000 people who suffer spinal cord injured and they were only 27 years old on average. To solve the problems of working and living, the foundation committed to help these people back to work and have equal living circumstance
The members of our group all enthusiastic in social issues, from participating clubs to holding activities. These experiences made us determine to contribute to the society after seeing people who don’t have the same opportunities as us. Therefore, we take part in NCU social enterprise students’ team and was distributed to the Spinal Cord injury foundation, responsible for the promotion of the charitable trust.
The team called Charitable Trust U, the reason is that we hope the charitable trust not just a way of donations but a sense of recognition. The donations are not only because the sympathy but the supporting. Our goal is not just to make charitable trust U but U trust charitable, more and more people glad to dedicate themselves and make the society become warm and peaceful.
The servicing content included marketing research, analysis and the promotion of charitable trust. At the first place, we had collected 300+ questionnaires, which focus on the students group, hoping them can become the donators after few years. In addition, because the charitable trust is not popular in Taiwan and most of people are not familiar with it, we introduce this new type of donation to attract people and gain their identifying.
After the questionnaires, we will analyze it and distribute a report to the foundation as reference. We hope this reference will be the marketing strategy of the Spinal Cord injury foundation. They can use this strategy to appeal more people to devote, making spinal cord injured people have more resources to realize their dream.
To sum up, we will make effort to promote the charitable trust, making the trust can provide more people who needed. At the same time, we will do our best to introduce the people of spinal cord injured to student in NCU, making more people learn more about them. Only by doing this, spinal cord injured can have same position and the discrimination will never appear again.